Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pre-Season Update 10/13

Next week practice will officially start and it won't be long before The Road to Rupp will begin in a gym near you.

There have been so many kids switching schools this summer that some teams have gotten stronger, some have gotten weaker and some have just stayed the same.

The good thing though is Kentucky High School Basketball is stronger than ever and kids across Kentucky are receiving a lot of attention.

Here are a couple of notes over the last couple of weeks:

  • I am sure you know all about the hand shaking controversy after KHSAA contests and now schools are not required to say "good game", whether it was or not, after each game. I, for one, never thought it was a good idea to shake hands after the game, but they should line up before and say good luck. I have been a coach, fan, player and official and I have never seen anything positive out of putting a bunch of high school kids together, from different schools, and let them shake hands after they have battled for 2 or 3 hours.
  • Johnson Central's Shane Hall committed to Marshall University recently. Will probably be a good fit for him since he will only be a hour or so away in Huntington from Paintsville.
  • Taylor County's Quentin Goodin has been receiving a lot of high level interest, but many are excited that Kentucky has joined the mix.
  • No official word on the Cordia Lions new additions if they have been ruled eligible or not. I have heard from a source that a couple of the schools have been slowing down the process by not sending paperwork in a timely manner. I have also heard that Henry Clay has filed a grievance with the KHSAA about Christen Cunningham transferring to Lotts Creek. I am told that Cordia fans should have nothing to worry about though as all the players will eventually be ruled ready to play.
  • Ballard's Kelan Martin recently committed to Butler University.
Are you interested in covering your high school team's high school basketball games? Send me an email and I will get you writing for The Road to Rupp!! Email me at for more information.

The Road to Rupp's news cycle will be picking up soon so start to check back more often for updates on news and upcoming games.

It should be another exciting year for Kentucky Basketball.

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