Monday, March 4, 2013

Student Sections Add To Tournament Atmosphere

There is nothing like tournament time in Kentucky. The atmosphere is magical. Gyms are filled to capacity and everywhere you go it seems someone is talking about last night's big game or the one to come. While the teams battle to survive and advance, student sections gear up for postseason as well. They plan chants, design costumes and signs, paint their bodies and carpool in huge numbers to support their school. They are rowdy, colorful and sometimes even rude all the while trying to get in opponents' heads and give their team an advantage. No one can deny the importance of the "sixth man" during the tournament. Their efforts do not go unnoticed. Coaches and players appreciate the support and often go over to applaud them following the game. Student sections help make the tournament environment the amazing experience it is here in Kentucky.

*If you have video of your favorite student section, tweet us @theroadtorupp. We would love to see it and feature a few on the site.

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