Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Canadians Ruled Eligible in Court for Cordia Lions

Not many would think the Cordia Lions could possibly be a 14th region contender with the likes of Knott County, Perry Central, Hazard, and Letcher Central, but they may have jumped to the lead pack today.

Cordia head coach Rodrick Rhodes has gained two division 1 caliber players today and will play their first game of the season tonight at home vs. June Buchanan. 

Seniors Emmanuel Owootoah and Marlon King have been ruled eligible by a court and can play immediately.

According to, the 5'10" Owootoah is receiving interest from Arizona, Florida State, and Tennessee. He also has a confirmed offer from UCLA. I have also heard that Baylor is very interested in the Canadian as well. 

King is a 6'3" guard from Toronto, Canada, attended West Hill C.I. Marlon,  averaged 26pts, 9rbs, 5ast, 1stl, 1blk, per game for the 2011-12 high school basketball season and his team competed in the city finals and ofsaa.

There is also a good possibility that 6'8" guard Fritz Lucien will be eligible by next week for the Lions.

Cordia also has point guard Felix Frimpong waiting to get eligible as well.

Cordia could be right in the hunt for the 14th region with a load of Canadian talent on the way.


  1. What a joke! First of all, all three Canadian kids are good players, but not even close to D1 talents!

    This is ALL hype by their AAU program from Toronto. Somebody is getting paid! How can these kids just pick up and go to the State of Kentucky and play high school ball? Two of the three were academically ineligible to play in Ontario last year (but played anyway).

    As a coach from Toronto who is very familiar with them, it is upsetting that they 1)have been uprooted and taken down to the US to play, ruining their chances of a quality education in Canada 2)have been given the false hope that they will become D1 stars when their talent would best be served at the CIS level in Ontario.

    I wish the best for all three, but I am highly skeptical of how and why they ended up at Cordia?

  2. They ended up at Cordia because of lies, back door dealings, and hidden agendas! There are so many Canadian kids down south playing high school basketball.....and for what? I hope people in the US really start complaining about this, because in Ontario, especially Toronto with certain AAU programs it is PROMOTED and EXPECTED of these young kids to go down and play high school basketball in the US. Disgusting. Ontario basketball does nothing about these things, and it seems as though high schools don't care either. Many of these kids are misguided by snake AAU coaches who are getting paid off of the back of MINORS! Shame on those people as they lie, steal and cheat kids out of a variety of things!! Two of the kids attended Martingrove Collegiate, a very good academic school and one with a strong athletics program as well. They left for what?? If Owootoah was getting looks already why would he have to leave MCI? It's all made up, over hyped and fabricated nonsense.